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You are invited to be a part of a vibrant Women’s Ministry! From Bible Studies to mission fundraisers to service in the community, this ministry offers friendship and personal growth in your Christian walk.
There are currently two ongoing Bible Studies, both open to anyone desiring to study God’s Word. One is Monday morning at 10:00 am and the other is Wednesday evenings at 6:15 pm.
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Women’s Ministry History in the Methodist Church in Meeker:

For over 130 years, Women’s Ministry has been a vibrant and integral part of this church!

The Ladies Aid Society was formed September 18, 1895 and continued through April 23,1941. They elected officers, wrote out a Constitution & Bylaws, kept membership lists, wrote minutes of each meeting, charged dues, raised money through their sewing and organized multiple community fundraisers…including oyster dinners and ice cream socials. They took on the financial responsibilities of paying the pastor’s salary, rent on the buildings where the church was meeting, the electrical bill and even hired a janitor.

In 1941 the women’s group changed to Woman’s Society of Christian Service / WSCS May 28, 1941-1972. The minutes for WSCS changed to “UMW” – January 24,1973. In 2022 UMW was changed to United Women in Faith. July 1, 2023 our women’s group became White River Methodist Women.

Fundraisers are integral to Women’s Ministries! The Thrift Shop was opened up in 1973 – 1996 and was run by the women, providing funds for special projects. Through the years the women have done dinners for several organization special meals, and often served for funerals and wedding receptions. The Lions Club, ask the Ladies to do a “Chicken Dinner” for their meetings, which were served weekly from 1945-1995!! 50 years of Methodist women’s chicken dinners!!
Friendship Teas were given through the years. First “Friendship Tea was May 11, 1961 and continued until 2016. These teas were well attended by the other church women in town who also added talent to the programs for 55 years!
Missions have always played a part. Locally, the women have provided Thanksgiving food share packages for many years.

Several missionaries have done programs for our church and the women pledge to that mission.
They have done mission kits, school kits and health kits. Even today, the women’s ministries cover different needs in the church and do their part to support missions.

Historically, the Women’s Ministry has kept this church not only open but thriving in this community.